Values of Kailao Consulting

Kailao Consulting is above all a team which shares same values.

The spirit of “low-cost”

Kailao Consulting was created to meet better companies’expectations for their ERP. The founder, Pierre Roger, set up Kailao Consulting following this observation:

  • The classical implementation of ERP is often the result of high or very high cost for poor quality and low value-added.
  • The cost of proprietary solutions pose a burden on companies’budget.

    Our goal is to do exactly the opposite: “Low-cost” to a high value and quality.


    Monitoring and satisfaction

    ERP implementation projects imply deep changes for a company whose will is to develop its activity. This is why Kailao commits to accompany its partners during the development phase, the implementation and also during the whole usage period of the software. We commit ourselves to ensure the monitoring and intervene rapidly if necessary. Our consultant team is always ready to help you out and advice you concerning the use or evolution of the softwares Sage X3 and Openbravo.

    Multiculturalism and team spirit

    From different culture and background, Kailao Consulting is a multicultural team. This is the wish of the founder who at the inception of the company wanted to build this multiculturalism. Even if people of our team comes from different places and areworking in different offices (Paris, London, Mauritius) they developped a strong team spirit which offer them the possibility to follow common goals.

    Professionalism and Transparency.

    Kailao Consulting wants to satisfy your needs that’s why we will do with you an assessment of your needs to ensure to meet them properly. Our team is committed to providing a quality work during each step of your project. Be professional, it is also having a totally transparent price policy .

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