Suite CRM is a commercial open source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application.
It enables organizations to organize, populate, and maintain information efficiently on all aspects of their customer relationships. It provides integrated management of corporate information on customer accounts and contacts, sales lead opportunities, plus activities such as calls, meetings and assigned tasks. The system seamlessly blends all the functions required to manage information on many aspects of your business into an intuitive and user-friendly graphical interface.
In addition, it also offers a graphical dashboard to track the sales pipeline, the most successful lead sources, and the month-by-month outcomes for opportunities in the pipeline.

Benefits of SuiteCRM:

A good SuiteCRM comparison with the other CRM services will make the whole matter clear. Though all the CRM software serves the purpose of customer relationship management, it is very important to look through the pros and cons of installing one at your office.

How SuiteCRM benefits your business?

Understanding the important benefits of SuiteCRM Comparison will give you an edge to make the effective decision be it related to your CRM system or in any other factor while considering a good CRM system. A good number of business organizations invest on installing a CRM software system. There are a number of ways through which the SuiteCRM proves to be beneficial in your business.

Here are some of the SuiteCRM benefits for your business:


  • Maintaining relationship with the clients and the customers is the most important part of doing a business. A SuiteCRM software system helps to maintain that relationship properly by sending emails or messages that should be sent at regular intervals.


    • To carry out a business, you need to be well informed about your clients. The SuiteCRM software system will keep you updated with clients’ information.


    • It helps to generate higher quality leads for your business.


    • The process automation is another important task that this software helps to do. That means there no need to manually repeat a task. Thus, it saves your time and helps you to focus on other productive activities.


    •   You can even check instantly the history of the customers or the clients who have bought products from you.


Core Features

Sales Force Automation:


• Lead, contact, and opportunity management to pursue new business, share sales information, track deal progress, and record deal – related interactions.


• Account management capabilities to provide a single view of customers across products, geographies and status.


• Dashboards to provide real-time information about leads, opportunities and accounts.


Marketing Automation:


• Lead management for tracking and cultivating new leads.


• Email marketing for touching prospects and customers with relevant offers.


• Campaign management for tracking campaigns across multiple channels.


• Campaign reporting to analyze the effectiveness of marketing activities.


Customer Support:


• Case management to centralize the service history of your customers and monitor how cases are handled.


• Bug tracking to identify, prioritize and resolve customer issues.




• Activity management for emails, tasks, calls and meetings.




• Edit user settings, views and layouts quickly in a single location.


• Customize the application in Studio to meets the exact needs of your organization.


• Create custom modules in Module Builder.




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