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What is ERP?

Discover what is ERP and all its benefits for companies.ERP is a management solution for businesses which allow to gather all information and operation within one unique system in order to reduce the risk of error and to improve the management of the company.

Advantages of ERP Cloud based

Discover the differents types of ERP solutions: on-premises software, hosted software and cloud based solutions, and advantages of choosing an ERP cloud based. Each of these systems have different benefits and impacts in terms of investment, properties, flexibility, and maintenance.

Understanding ERP implementation costs

A video aiming to sum up the components of an ERP implementation project. Cost of business management solution can be sometimes though to interpret for companies. This video highlights principal costs businesses have to take into account when thinking about investing in a new management solution.

Why businesses needs a cloud point of sale?

Discover all benefits of having a cloud point of sale solution. These innovating management systems, tailored for the retail and hospitality businesses, allow to optimise the sales management while increasing the consumer experience and satisfaction. Point of sale solutions based in the cloud will also reduce the risk of credit card fraud.

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