Our areas of expertise

With more than 20 years of experience in Sage ERP X3, our focus areas cover all operations implementation of this software. We carry live with customers of the system but also with subcontracted integrators or large consulting firms when they request it.
We can install your Sage ERP X3 system on any architecture satisfying the prerequisites provided by the publisher for that version. This of course applies to new versions but the old part of upgrade or architectural changes (or migration to the cloud).
Set Up

parameterOur team of certified experts is able to make the settings of all modules of Sage ERP X3 such as :

  • All finance modules , including a context involving several locations and legislations,
  • Sales and purchases modules,
  • The configurator,
  • The production module,
  • The stock module.

Interfaces implementation

We know (because we’ve done it several times) interfacing SAGE ERP X3 with all types of systems and all kinds of technical contexts.

  • Exchanges stream input / output with WMS ( warehouse management systems )
  • EDI stations
  • Interfacing with external accounts systems,
  • Interfacing with payroll systems,
  • Interfacing with external commercial managements,
  • Exchanges stream input / output with all industrial and logistics systems within the framework of implementation of advanced management tool traceability
  • Exchanges stream input / output with websites or partner extranets ,

We handle all types of technical environment possible interface such as :

  • Design and X3 web services calls ,
  • Call web services outside X3 ( implementation of Java bridge server )
  • Exchange of text files,
  • Exchange of XML files, stream input / output with websites or partner extranets.

Bespoke development


Our consultants and developers are all computer “literate” and fluent in all of the development cycle as well as specific technical platform SAFE X3 (AGL for the development of specific programs in Sage ERP X3) and its owner 4GL programs.
We are therefore able to achieve any specific developments including complete modules (such as the management of end-of-year discount for example) in a very short time while obeying the quality of a very high standard.
The sources of specific developments that we realized are given to the customer who becomes the owner.

Crystal Report


Our knowledge of Sage ERP X3 data base and of Crystal Report tool allows us to customize your statements and quickly build very complex reports.
We also master the printing issues barcode with Crystal Report, but also by sending direct flow data on industrial printers.

Data Recovery


This phase is to transfer data from the old system to the new one: products records, customer records, BOMs and routings, prices, accounting etc. The success of this phase is necessary (but not sufficient) for the success of the project.
This capital project to overhaul information system including implementation of ERP step is paradoxically very often seen as “the Cinderella of the project.”
Indeed, for the prime contractor (the provider responsible for the implementation of the new system) is often associated with a high risk of skidding and therefore incompatible with the overhead fixed amount sold to the customer for the establishment the new system.
So he usually leaves the responsibility borne by the client (the client) to which it is often a complex and too technical phase especially in the case where it does not have an IT department.
Again, the experience of our colleagues, computer field engineers who led many projects including this phase, allows us to offer the full support, regardless of the old and new system. And we implement it to our own extraction tools, conversion or loading data if necessary.
We are the only ones to commit ourselves to the achievement of data coming in or out of Sage ERP X3.



We can take in charge of the upgrading of your Sage ERP X3 system (even if the gap between the versions is high and/or no update has been made a long time) while respecting the specific developments already developed.
If necessary, we know to clone your environment in our Cloud to confirm beforehand that the mounted patch does not introduce any malfunction in your daily operations.
We can also assist you in migrating your system to a new major version or completely take over the project by making it transparent for you.

International Project Management


We have already implemented Sage ERP X3 in complex international environments and are now perfectly honed to manage deployment projects SAGE ERP X3 internationally.
These projects not only require extensive functional skills (understanding of various tax laws or tax optimization of problems, for example), but also and especially the ability to work with people from different cultures and in a language that is not yours. Tact, patience and humility are very important qualities to succeed in this field.
We forged these qualities in several projects that have led us to intervene on Sage ERP X3 (or other) in the following countries (in orange):


Service and support


Great number of ERP distributors focused on the sale of licenses and abandon their clients in the post- implementation phase leaving struggling with deficient or unresponsive support.
TPAM (Third Party Application Maintenance) is part of heart of our business and we offer service contracts and maintenance ensuring the maintenance in perfect operating condition of your Sage ERP X3 system for many years.
We maintain all versions of Sage ERP X3 including those that are no longer maintained by the editor (Adonix V3, V130, V140).
Different levels of coverage and response times are proposed to our customers so that they can chooses the formula that best suits them and their needs in the context of a coherent budget and long term collaboration.

Contact: +33 9 81 21 36 44 / +44 20 81 27 44 34 / contact@kailao.co.uk
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