Methodology (detailed)

Methodology of an ERP implementation


Details of the different phases :

1. Project preparation step
Assignment of the required human and technical resources through detailed planning.

Main tasks :

  • Assignment of personnel to Kailao Consulting Ltd
  • Definition of the affected areas within the client company and the key-users responsible for those
  • Carry out the detailed project planning
  • Establishment of a meeting agenda with the persons involved in the study of the current functional processes and identification and definition of all the business requirements to be covered
  • Communication to the client with all the methodology and project management procedures proposed Kailao Consulting Ltd
  • Approval of project planning and agenda

Kick-off meeting
Preliminary training [if applicable] : Basic training for key users: application’s philosophy, general functionality and user interface

2. Definition step
Definition of the specific system functionality and integration with other systems.
Main Tasks
System Functional design

  • Detailed analysis of the requirements obtained for the proposal preparation and the project sizing
  • Analysis of the possible impact caused by the implementation and possible improvements in the current business processes
  • GAP analysis between the targeted processes
  • Evaluation of the non-standard functionalities that need to be developed
  • Revision of the available modules in Exchange that can be used to reduce the development effort
  • Evaluation of the rest of functionalities not covered neither by Openbravo core nor by modules

Data Migration
Design of the integration with internal or external modules [if applicable]

  • Definition of the resulting system map (objective)
  • Definition of an interface integration strategy
  • Definition of the data-migration/data-conversion strategy

Approval of the functional design

3. Iterative Prototyping step
Implementation of the business requirements through the iterative configuration and construction of a system prototype
Main Tasks
Installation of the development environment
Activation of ERP
Iterative prototype construction

  • Basic configuration and installation of additional modules
  • Design and construction of custom developments [if existing]
  • Map of modularity and technical design of custom developments
  • Identification of potential modules to be reused and published
  • Development of functional extensions modules
  • Adaptation of printed forms and reports
    • Design and development of interfaces with other systems [if applicable]
    • Definition and execution of unit testing
  • The user will perform the tests, with the support of PARTNER NAME, identifying potential improvements and errors and validating them
    • Reporting of errors covered by the client’s Professional Edition

Sizing of production environment infrastructure [if applicable]
Data-migration preparation

  • Development and design of exporting tool (client task)
  • Adaptation and testing of load processes (IDL recommended)

Prototype validation by the client (key users)

4. Final Preparation step
Carry out those tasks previous to the go live such as training, migration and certification
Main Tasks
Preparation of test and production environments

  • Installation of production and test [if applicable] environments and activation of Openbravo Professional Edition in these instances
  • Transfer of configurations and OBX from test to production environment

Definition and execution of system certification

  • Key users will validate the appropriate performance of the business processes in the application as well as the correct performance of the integration with other systems
  • Performance tests [if applicable]


  • Identify the groups of users to train
  • Create a training plan and prepare the training materials
  • End users ad technical staff [if applicable] training

Data migration from the original system/s to their new ERP

  • Data export from original systems (client’s task)
  • Data cleaning / debugging (client’s task)
  • Data load the ERP solution chosen
  • Validation of the migrated data (client/ PARTNER NAME task)

Definition of user privileges (client activity) System Acceptance

5. Go Live and Support Step
Support service after system go live and beginning of the guarantee
Main Tasks
Guarantee activation and implementation of the processes associated to reporting, resolution and analyses of bugs or issues

  • Bug fixing (if risen during the go live)
  • Reporting of potential bugs covered by the client’s ERP

Support and maintenance contract activation

  • Provide adequate support related to the daily operation of the system
  • Support users in the change process
  • Make the agreed adjustments, improvements and modifications to processes and developments
  • Perform the technological stack [if applicable] and system core maintenance and update tasks
  • Maintain a test / [integration] environment by periodically updating it with data from production environment

Review those modules developed during the project that could be commercially published in Exchange
Project Management
Project monitoring and management tasks
Main tasks
Monitoring Steering Committees
Steering Committee Meeting
Schedule followed
Preparation of the agenda and minutes of meetings
Change Management
Process change management
Risk Management
Management questions
Quality assurance

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