Export Management Module

Export Management Module


To ensure a good management of a company’s export division, procedures specific to this activity will need to be implemented. Whether the export activity will use a distributor agent, a wholesaler, or even the development of a subsidiary, the management module integrated within the company will generally have the same specifities, and face the same problematics.

export management module

Specifics needs taken into account in a export management module:


Here is a list of the most important features to ensure the right management of a company’s export division and its sustainable development. This list of features is not exhaustive, and the implementation of different features within a company will depend of its specific needs.



  • The approach expenses
  • The forwarding agent invoicing
  • Incoterm

  • EDI:
  • Traceability
  • EDI norms
  • The monitoring of transport operations

  • Adapted documentary production:

  • Création and Mangement of essential documents

  • Export accounting:

  • Adaptation of accounting records


    Specific expertise of Kailao Consulting for the development of export management modules:


    With a strong experience in the development and implementation of ERP and management solutions, Kailao Consulting have been able to enrich its expertise throughout the projects it developed in order to answer to its client’s problematics.


    We master the following functionnal problematics

  • Galia norm(Industrie Automobile française)
  • Export Central Purchasing
  • International Project
  • Export
  • Traceability
  • EDI

  • Our expertise in details:

    Discover the integrality of our expertise for the development of management solution.


    Our Expertise

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