Open source brings ERP to SMEs


ERP is not anymore the exclusivity of big firms


Internet has completely changed the way of doing business. Markets that have been for so long the “private ground” of big businesses are now seeing small players tackling them. There is only few difference between small e-commerce retailers and much bigger ones. All have to buy, manage their stock, issue invoices and post them. The main difference is the way they manage resources.

Why small and medium sized companies often use different packages (one for accounting, another for sales administration, purchasing,logistics…) when big players use only one integrated package to manage their whole business?

Small business


Open source ERP, an investissement affordable to all businesses


Lack of financial and human resources is the main reason why small businesses do not have access to a fully integrated information system. Times have now changed and, business packages are accessible to all companies regardless of their size. 

Professional open source ERP editors, such as Openbravo or Open ERP, are now challenging old big cats with easy-to-implement cloud-ready solutions, allowing customer to benefit of a large functional footprint product with no hidden default. When using low-cost ERP Opensource, companies have the opportunity to improve their competitiveness and reduce errors by consolidating all the flows of information into a single information system.

Low cost does not mean low quality, Kailao Consulting provides high quality services for the integration of your Open source ERP at a lower cost than its competitors. Available features remain the same and offer the same possibilities of development.

Companies which are choosing a low cost Open source ERP gain in competitiveness, as they get a high quality information system integrating all business processes while preserving their budget.

An essential support to sustain business’growth


An ERP allows to manage a business in an efficient way, by gathering all information and operations in one unique information system. This type of business management system also includes business intelligence solutions, thus providing real time information about the company and market trends. By accessing this type of data, SMEs can take real time decisions regarding their sales, production or procurement, which is essential to foster their growth.


Open source ERP adapts itself to needs and specifities of small businesses. Solutions such as Openbravo, do not have the constraints that represents a turnkey software; The system and modules can be fully customized to companies needs and requirements. Most of Open source ERP on the market are agile, which means ERP follows company’s development; they have the possibility to easily add users, a new warehouse, or even having a new manufacturing line to manage. It is not a problem anymore using Open source solutions.


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