The technological enhancements brought about by smartphones and IOT has changed the way we buy services and thereby allowed the emergence of new players such as intermediation platforms between service providers and consumers.
The latter now demand to pay only what they consume and nothing more, whether basic services such as the distribution of electricity by an alternative operator, the provision of Internet access in an airport, or more advanced as an immediate transport service triggered using a location-based smartphone.
The success of these new modes of consumption makes it mandatory to automatically collect and process consumption data for these services in order to bill consumers.

Webill is the missing link between :

  • The consumption collection point (connected meter as Linky, smartphone app like Uber, or any other connected object detecting a consumption like an electronic toll barrier),
  • Billing that is usually performed in an ERP like Sage EM
  • The web portal used by consumers to subscribe or manage the service contract.
fonctionnement Webill

Automated collection

Webill enables the automated collection, transmission and analysis of large volumes of service consumption data for automatic billing in an ERP.

Collection and billing chain

Based on the services provided by the AWS platform, Webill frees itself from the technical constraints of each system involved in the collection and billing chain by providing the necessary connectors to each party independently.

Technologies for interconnection

Webill implements the most modern technologies for interconnection between systems and heterogeneous applications, big data management as well as artificial intelligence to optimize the pricing of services and detect potentially clever and even fraudulent consumption behavior.

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