Make your digital transformation a success with Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management.

A successful digital transformation depends on how capable the system is to leverage on the technologies recent breakthrough such as cloud or information sharing via web services or blockchain.

Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management transcends classic ERP to make innovation continuously enhance your business processes to develop new business models.

KAILAO Consulting is one of the best specialists in Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management international deployment projects.

Our significant experience in international projects allows us to make your transformation project a real success within the agreed planning and budget.

25 years of experience in multi country ERP deployments

A team of experienced consultants at your service. A unique know-how developed over the years that allows us to handle the specific issues of each company and become a long-term partners in the development of your company.
To design

To design

To understand the client mission and adapt the system to suit their needs

To build

To build

To implement according to the committed planning and budget

To deploy

To deploy

To support the client in the roll out and the go live until they become fully autonomous

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Trust : A key success factor in ERP project management.

Mutual trust is the key success factor of a project. If you do not trust your counterpart in your partner’s project team to securely prepare your own parachute, then do not start the project with them.