E-commerce Management


Improve the management of your e-commerce website with Openbravo


Thanks to a fully cloud and mobile open source solution that is flexible as well as endowed of broad features, Openbravo is the perfect solution to optimize the management of your e-commerce websites wherever you are.

Openbravo e-commerce management solution

Product Management


Manage easily your product portofolio, their description and their pricing policy. The solution also offers to define and easily apply discounts. Modifications are applied in real time.

Sales Management


The Openbravo solution allows to fully manage sales; Get real time information regarding your sales, edit your orders and invoices as well as your delivery slips. Openbravo also offers you to manage returns.

Multi Channel Management


Manage your physical and online points of sale with only one solution. You can even include in the system sales made by your call center.

The Multi concept


The Openbravo solution is: multi languages, multi currencies, multi shops, multi legislations, and multi countries, allowing you to manage your whole business.


Develop your e-commerce project with Kailao Consulting


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Kailao Consulting has the essential expertise to connect Openbravo with the e-commerce solution of your choice: Magento, Prestashop, Shopify… Thanks to connectors that have been developped by the Openbravo partner network. Connecting Openbravo to your e-commerce solution allows to synchronize information related to orders, products, prices…

Kailao Consulting has developed an exclusive partnership with the company Technology 10. Technology 10 designs and creates full e-commerce websites developed with Prestashop. This partnership allows you to lead a full e-commerce project by interacting with only one interlocutor, in order to ease the communication on the project, and ensures you that a project of quality will be developed by our two teams that are used to work together.


Ease your B2B sales with the e-commerce platform developed by Kailao Consulting

The E-commerce platform dedicated to BtoB businesses and developed by Kailao Consulting, is an innovative platform and fully customizable, allowing your clients to enter directly their orders. The BtoB platform is dynamic and endowed with a real time updating. A script batch allows the real time updates of product data and the creation of each order automatically. Some filters and keyword searches offers to link easily the product to the client. Users are independent from the back office users.
e-commerce btob platform

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