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ERP in Mauritius

Mauritius officially the Republic of Mauritius, is an island nation in the Indian Ocean, situated approximately 2000 kilometers off the southeast coast of the African continent. The island was visited by Arabs and Portuguese during the medieval period and was named Dina Arobi and Cirne respectively. it gradually became an important base on the trade

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Analysing Openbravo as a platform

The future of the Enterprise solutions industry belongs to micro services and in fact nano services. Gone are the days when Enterprise applications were the ones that contained huge gigantic databases and middle ware and a crappy User Interface. In the current era where mobile first (or app first) strategy is driving businesses, the key

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Enable/disable options in Openbravo using preferences

In Openbravo ERP, preferences are a cool and effective way to manage restrictions and apply certain additional actions at various levels like Client, Organization, Role and even at the window level. One such preference was enabling/disabling toolbar options like Delete, Attach, Export. From Openbravo 3.0 MP17 you can enable or disable these options for a

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Tips to speed up Openbravo Development

By Shankar, our technical manager. Openbravo as framework is as powerful as Openbravo as an ERP. Development and Customization has been very much streamlined due to the MVC architecture and the modular approach. That is one reason there are so many modules/verticals available on top of Openbravo. Here are few tips that helped me increase

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